TPC Program & Schedule of Events

Start: Thursday April 5 12:30 pm
End:   Monday April 9    12:30 pm 

* Optional extended programs Thurs October 19 (Noon-4) and Monday October 23 (8am-Noon)

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The 2017 Tennis Congress is all about you – with a unique format that lets you tailor classes to your specific needs and learn under the guidance of world-class professionals, coaches, and sports specialists. The program is designed to help you train smarter and to apply what you learn to practices, private lessons, clinics, and camps when you return home.

There will be a lot going on during your three days at the Congress, so we’ve put a lot of emphasis on crafting an intelligent schedule that will help you be at your best throughout the event. You will spend half your day on court in small, focused sessions we build for you based on your level and priorities, and spend the other half of your day off the court in workshops you choose that cover everything from fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation, nutrition, and equipment, to the all-important “mental game.”

After you register, we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire asking you to assess your game and indicate the top-priority areas you want to focus on at the Congress. Your answers will directly influence the final curriculum and determine which classes we ultimately offer. Our faculty experts will also use your feedback to design sessions that address your specific interests, questions, and challenges – and build on the core competencies they believe are most critical to help players unlock progress at every stage of their development.

About 10 weeks before the Congress opens, you will be asked to indicate any changes in your priorities. 7-10 days before the event, you will receive your customized on-court schedule along with a list of all the elective offerings you will be able to choose from to supplement your on-court training.

We look forward to helping you achieve your potential at the 2017 Tennis Congress!



CUSTOMIZED ON-COURT CLASSES (We design specifically for you)

Customized classes are carefully built for individual participants based on their level and stated priorities. They are all held on-court in small groups, with 4 students per court. Students indicate preferences prior to the Congress, including for specific faculty members, and we do our best to match you with the right students and pros.  Topics will be developed based on participants’ interests expressed in detailed surveys following registration.

Possible topics include:

  • Improving Ball Anticipation for Better Shot Selection

  • Situational Singles Patterns & Plays (level-specific) 

  • Situational Doubles Court Positioning and Movement (level-specific)  

  • Spotting and Seizing Offensive Opportunities in Singles

  • Improving Racquet Acceleration

  • Improving Partner Communication in Doubles

  • Advanced Doubles Formations

  • Technique Diagnostics and Corrective Drills (for Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Serve, etc)

  • Getting a Feel for Slice

  • Adding Power the Right Way

  • Improving Touch at the Net

  • Taking Command of Your Return of Serve 

  • Mastering the Poach in Doubles

  • Setting Up for Winners: Approach and Transitions in Singles (Doubles)

  • Applying Proper Body Mechanics to Increase Your Power on Groundstrokes

  • Return of Serve

  • No Man’s Territory: Getting Out Alive

  • How to Read Your Opponent

  • How to Practice with Intention Every Time


Elective classes are designed to supplement on-court tackle topics that can be most effectively addressed off court or through  group learning, demonstration, for larger groups than the customized classes but will often have size limits and require pre-registration to ensure an optimal learning experience. These are mainly held indoors at the resort’s conference center to enable use of audiovisual and other teaching tools and to facilitate discussion. The formats vary widely depending on the topic: some are best suited to lectures or expert panels involving multimedia, others (e.g. mental game) rely heavily on group discussion, others (e.g. footwork or fitness classes) involve movement and are physically demanding. Some use a “demonstration” format, while others are highly participatory.

Possible topics include:

  • Footwork and Movement 101, 201, 301

  • Tennis-Specific Fitness & Conditioning 101, 201, 301

  • Doubles Communications: Best Practices

  • Mental Game 101, 201, 301

  • Improving Flexibility to Prevent Pain and Injury in Tennis (and Life)

  • Demystifying Stringing and Racquets Complexity: How to Find What’s Best for You

  • Become Your Own Drill Master: How to Build Drills for Yourself and Your Team

  • Learn How to Throw The Right Way (for a Better Serve)

  • Top Drills to Enhance Movement, Speed & Agility

  • Top Off-Court Exercises to Prevent Common Tennis Injuries

  • Intro to Yoga/ Pilates/ Tai Chi for Tennis Players

  • Building a Winning Pre-Match Routine

  • Making the Move from Doubles to Singles: How to Adapt

  • Making the Move from Singles to Doubles: How to Adapt

  • Secrets to Great Team Captaining 

  • Get Out of Your Head

  • Optimizing Your Workout Routine for your Best Tennis

  • Eat to Win

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