2018 International Tennis Players Conference




A World-Class Tennis RETREAT designed for the Competitive Adult Player.  The TPC was created with an interdisciplinary curriculum approach for tennis training and educational development. The TPC is inspired & hosted by international coaches, fitness - athletic specialists, & civic leaders both on & off the court.

Thursday October 19 (6pm) – Sunday October 22 (9pm)**
* Optional Pre-Program Tennis Fitness Training program October 19 (12:30-4:30pm)
* Optional Extended Coached Match Play program Monday October 23 (8am-Noon)

Created by serious tennis players for serious players, The Tennis Congress gives passionate adults (low-intermediate through high-performance NTRP 5.0) access to world-class training usually reserved only for top juniors and professionals. We invite you to join fellow tennis fanatics and 80 master professionals, Grand Slam legends, physical conditioning coaches and sport psychology experts, and equipment gurus from all around the world for a uniquely fun and inspiring experience covering all aspects of training necessary to improve your game– on and off the court.



Winner of the tennis industry’s award for “Most Innovative Tennis Event of the Year,” The Tennis Congress is an unprecedented experience that enables you to tailor a training program specific to what you personally need. Your program includes a series of rigorous on-court and off-court classes led by some of the most brilliant tennis minds in the world. Building on the innovative ideas we introduced in the first three years, some of the highlights of this year’s event include:

* 14 Hours of Customized On-Court Assessment and Training (4.5-5 Hours per Day): We will create a customized schedule just for you, featuring multiple small-group training sessions each day (4:1 coach-to-athlete ratio) built around on your level and the objectives you identify in advance. Drawing from the elite ranks of renowned teaching professionals as well as the international tennis tour, where we’ve recruited some of the most accomplished Grand Slam champions, coaches, tour players, and Davis Cup participants, you will have the opportunity to work under the close guidance of approximately six to eight coaches with unique and proven expertise in the areas you have prioritized.

* 10 Hours of Elective Specialized Off-Court Workshops (3+ Hours per Day): Because success in tennis is about more than hitting a good ball, we offer you a choice of off-court classes with world-renowned experts on topics ranging from strategy, mental conditioning, fitness, nutrition, and equipment to supplement your core training plan.

* Your Own Personal Head Coach: To help you process and apply all that you’re learning during the event, you’ll be matched up with a personal Head Coach at the start of the Congress. Daily training sessions with your Head Coach will provide opportunities to practice and reinforce ideas from specialized classes. On the final day, your Head Coach will help you prioritize post-Congress goal-setting and action steps.

* Access to “TC Connect” Alumni Hub: Once you’re a Tennis Congress alum, you’re an alum for life. Beginning this summer, you and all past TC alumni will have access to a new community site that enables you to stay in touch and continue conversations with fellow athletes and faculty– plus meet and connect with fellow passionate players and coaches in our international network when you’re traveling. You’ll also be able to access a reference library archive housing presentation materials, “homework,” and videos connected to classes at the Congress.

* All Meals and Special Evening Programs: The sessions may be intense, but once the racquets go back in the bag it’s time to relax, recharge, and socialize with your new tennis friends. The 2017 program includes dinner on Thursday-Sunday nights as well as breakfast and lunch Friday-Sunday. We also have a number of group activities planned to keep the fun going!

* Special Pre-Program Option (Thursday 12:30-4:30pm): Personalized Tennis Fitness and Movement Evaluation plus Customized Fitness Plan Development (requires pre-registration, space limited): Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a beast when it comes to your tennis-specific fitness, this new program will help you take your on-court performance to new heights and help you get stronger, faster, and more efficient– while also helping you avoid injury and stay healthy for the long haul. Beginning two months before the Congress, you’ll take part in online orientation and preparatory meetings with elite trainers and receive initial guidance to start implementing over the summer. Then, at this 4-hour in-person session, your trainers will assess your strengths and limitations in person (on court and off), review the most important exercises and drills you personally need. Shortly after the Congress, the fitness team will prepare a custom training plan for you that you’ll be ready and excited to implement. Limited to 36 athletes and requires advance sign-up during registration

* Special Extended Program Option (Monday 8am-Noon): Real-Time Match Play Analysis and Coaching (requires pre-registration, space limited): By popular demand, we’re once again offering an extended option that enable you to apply lessons learned into match situations in a non-judgmental setting while benefiting from real-time match play analysis and coaching (singles or doubles) for 4 hours on court on Monday. To provide an intimate coaching experience, two coaches will be on every court working with 4 players (one coach on each side of the net), enabling coaches to interact constantly with players. Limited to 60 athletes and requires advance sign-up during registration


The full program cost for the 2017 Tennis Congress is $2495, which includes all customized on-court classes, off-court elective workshops, plus all meals and special activities. Registered participants are eligible for a special discounted $149/night room rate at the Hilton El Conquistador, a AAA Four Diamond Resort in warm, sunny Tucson, Arizona (valid 3 days prior and 3 days after the Congress).

The Pre-Program Fitness Option (Thursday Noon-4pm), limited to 50 athletes on a first-come basis during registration, is an additional $495.

The Extended Program Coached Match Play Option (Monday 8am-Noon), limited to 56 athletes on a first-come basis during registration, is an additional $495

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