A World Class Tennis Specific RETREAT designed for Adult Competitive Athletes.  Created with an interdisciplinary curriculum approach for tennis training and development inspired & hosted by international coaches, leaders, and athletic specialists both on and off the court.

  • Our Values and Mission

  • We believe that it’s never too late to be an athlete… 

  • We believe that adult athletes striving for their personal best have important dreams too…

  • And we believe that tennis is a truly unique sport that can inspire and empower individuals to be athletes for their entire lives, while also propelling personal growth. 

  • The Tennis Congress® is a community of passionate players and professionals committed to achieving their personal best, helping each other, and raising the bar for adult amateur tennis player development worldwide. Our innovative world-class education and training events help adult tennis athletes fulfill their dreams and enrich their lives. In the process, we work to leverage our influence and networks to promote healthy adult lifestyles through tennis, and leverage the passion of tennis players and leaders in support of positive social and environmental impacts.


  • The Idea Behind The Tennis Congress

  • The Tennis Congress® was designed for amateur adult tennis players of all ages and levels (beginners through highly advanced) who are passionate about improving and reaching their personal best.

  • The idea is simple but new: to give adult recreational players an inspiring, intensive, in-person opportunity to learn from the world’s top experts about all aspects of training necessary to advance to the next level (technique, movement, strategy, fitness, injury prevention, and mental conditioning)—using both on-court training and innovative and dynamic off-court techniques.

  • Importantly, each Tennis Congress event is customized around the priorities the individuals who take part. Schedules are custom-built around individual needs and goals, whether players are new to the sport, intermediates, or seasoned high-performance competitors.

  • The Tennis Congress’s innovative, rigorous, and holistic approach combines both on-court and off-court learning to accelerate learning. Faculty members with expertise in everything from stroke mechanics to strategy to sports psychology to nutrition use video, “eye trainers,” whiteboards, movement drills, fitness equipment, and other modern tools and techniques.

  • How Each Congress Works

  • When you register, we’ll ask you for details about your current level and goals, what you’re particularly focused on improving now, where you may be hitting walls, and other questions to help us understand your background priorities. Your answers will directly influence the curriculum and determine which classes ultimately get offered. The pros on the faculty will also use your feedback to design sessions that address your specific interests, questions and challenges. About 2 months before the Tennis Congress, we’ll contact you to ask if either your level or priorities have changed since registration.

  • We’ll then match you up with the right pros for on-court sessions and recommend particular off-court workshops (although you can choose which ones you want to attend). Each class will give you practical “Key Takeaways” to help you retain priority lessons and tips, along with recommended follow-up drills or exercises to help you build on what you’ve learned.

  • Whether you are relatively new to the sport or are seriously advanced, each Tennis Congress offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your own capacity to fast-track your progress.

  • Operating Responsibly, Giving Back

  • In addition to our goal of enriching lives through unparalleled world-class tennis education and training, the Tennis Congress strives to make positive contributions to a better world. In our daily operations and at events, we are making every effort to reduce waste, offsetting our carbon emissions through the Mata no Peito reforestation project, and support vendors adopting environmentally sound best practices. We are partnering with outstanding charitable foundations to explore new avenues to activate the tennis community in support of high-impact projects that benefit both people and the planet.

  • Leadership

  • P.J. Simmons, Founder, is a self-professed Tennisaholic who didn’t start playing until relatively late in life—despite being infatuated with the sport since his youth. His passion lies in helping other adult players accelerate their progress towards their personal best while enjoying the journey and enriching their lives in the process. He is also an ISSA-certified personal trainer (CPT), an iTPA Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS), and ISSA-certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. P.J. chronicles his own experiences trying to become a better player on the blog, “The Road to 4.5 Tennis”. He strives to bring the same energy, enthusiasm & impact to the adult recreational tennis community that he has brought to the global sustainability arena for nearly two decades. P.J. is co-founder and Chair of the Corporate Eco Forum —one of the world’s preeminent networks for senior executives from about seventy Fortune 500 companies with combined revenues of over $3 trillion. He has also held senior positions at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Clinton Global Initiative. His publications include the highly acclaimed The Green to Gold Business Playbook.He was one of the youngest individuals in history to be awarded life membership in the Council on Foreign Relations at age 35.


  • Feisal Hassan, Director of Education, is a PTR 5A Pro and USPTA Master Professional. He is also a member of the Head/Penn Racquet Sports National Advisory Board and National Speaker’s Bureau and holds USPTA specialist degrees in Competitive Player Development, Facility Management, Little Tennis, and Sports Science. He is a USTA Recreation Coach National and Quickstart Trainer, a member of the National Cardio Tennis Speakers Team and co-chairs the USPTA National Education Committee and the USPTA College Curriculum Committee. He is also on the USPTA Testing Committee and USTA National Youth Education Committee. He was also the Director of Certification & Testing for the USPTA Middle States division and was co-chair of the USPTA National Diversity Committee.read more


  • Dr. Mark Kovacs, Director of Performance & Fitness Education, is a renowned performance physiologist, researcher, university professor, author, speaker and coach with an extensive background training and researching athletes at all levels. He serves as both the Executive Director of the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA) and Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Dr. Kovacs’ work has helped improve the way the physical aspects of tennis are trained throughout the world, and he has personally tested and trained hundreds of world class athletes in numerous sports. He formerly directed the Sport Science, Strength & Conditioning and Coaching Education departments for the United States Tennis Association (USTA). read more

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